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What is conversational ai?

A conversational AI is a set of technologies allowing computers to conduct human-like interactions with human users through automated messaging and applications such as chatbots. Conversational Artificial Intelligence helps a robot lead human users to a specific goal, and allows for human-like conversations between machine and humans on a large scale.

In essence, a conversational AI can be defined as the element responsible for the logic behind robot exchanges: it is the brain and soul of a chatbot, but also a range of applications.

A conversational AI is used to improve natural language processing between human users and computers

Conversational AI is powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP focuses on interpreting human language, while developers present the basic framework for how a conversation can unfold. Simply put, conversational AI and humans work together to create a virtual conversational experience in real time through chatbots or conversational platforms. It is the evolution of artificial intelligence, which has learned to speak and listen.

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