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about AI prompts

In the heart of every book at AI Prompts is a storyteller, a visual artist, and a meticulous craftsman. I’m Antonios Bouris, a communication designer, graphic designer, and photographer dedicated to bringing you more than just words. Every prompt is engineered with care, every page is designed with precision, and every photograph is captured with passion, ensuring you have an unparalleled experience as you delve into our offerings.


Our books are more than mere pages; they are bridges to exploration and creativity. Starting with the art of culinary wonders, our collection currently hosts two books on food. But our journey doesn’t stop here. Soon, our shelves will be adorned with inspirations about music, travel, gifts, business, politics, public relations, and beyond. Each book, an opportunity for discovery, reaffirms the power of prompts – guiding, inspiring, and unlocking the potential within each one of us.


Join us on this voyage of imagination and let AI Prompts light the path to your next adventure.