Interactive-Learning through Expert-Crafted Prompts


How to use the books

1. Understanding the Structure

Dive into the prompt structure. Each is crafted around ‘Advisers’, ‘Variables’, and the main ‘Prompt’ for ChatGPT. ‘Example Prompts’ show you how to effectively use each one. Remember, not all prompts will have ‘Advisers’ or ‘Variables’. These components are only present when needed for added context or specificity.

2. Select Your Advisers

If provided in the ‘Advisers’ section, choose the persona you’d like ChatGPT to take on. This will shape the nature and style of the answer.

3. Determine Your Variables

Should the prompt offer variables, decide on the specifics for example in the food books:

- recipe_name: Desired recipe (e.g., Chocolate Chip Cookies).
- ingredient: A spotlight ingredient (e.g., chocolate).
- measure_system: Measurement system preference (e.g., metric or imperial).

4. Craft Your Prompt

With your selections ready:

- Copy the main ‘Prompt’ section.
- Replace [Advisers] if present, with your choice from step 2.
- Fill [Variables], using your choices from step 3.

5. Experiment and Personalize

Feel free to experiment with the prompts. Add your flair, tweak the variables, or even integrate new questions. This book is a launchpad, and your creativity is the rocket!

6. Engage with ChatGPT

- Head to the ChatGPT platform.
- Paste in your crafted prompt.
- Await ChatGPT’s tailored response.

7. Iterate if Needed

AI, like humans, might not always grasp your query perfectly on the first go. If the outcome isn’t to your liking, rephrase, adjust variables, or simply ask again. Sometimes a small tweak can make a world of difference.

8. Enjoy the Journey

Revel in the myriad possibilities ChatGPT presents. While the aim is valuable information, let the journey also be one of fun and discovery.